Entry #1

Indie vs Commercial

2009-09-25 16:43:25 by skeleth

I think that Indie/Flash games are the soul, games made with passion. I always prefer old RPGs like fallout or flash games above the so called "next-gen" games.
Big companies concentrate too much in making ultra realistic games (and also making money) and forgot the essential thing, which is also the purpose of a game: FUN. That's what games should be about, not real-life simulators as they tend to be.
I have to admit that 3D is nice when used where it should, but there are many games that work better 2D and 3D makes them just more annoying, adventure games for example.
Also, let's look a bit at Mario, an old game that is still playing today; tons of versions and re-makes were made; not because it's realistic but because it's tons of fun.
What is your opinion? Do you think indie games will ever die? I personally wish and think they won't.


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